Name: Adalgisa Rivera

AKA: "Boss Lady Numero Dos" AKA "Lisa" AKA "LovelyLisa125" AKA "Recruiter Pacer" for Run/Walk Pace Group

Stats: 9x Half-Marathons, 1 Marathon (NYCM 2017), 6x 10-milers.

Why do you run: I want to be around longer, want to be healthier and moving!

Tagline: "Are you joining us?"

Can't Help But Say: "You won't regret it."

Theme song: "Cheerleader" by Omi

Name: Talisa Marie Hayes

AKA: "Ultra Running Chick"

Stats: 118 Total Races, 19 Ultra Marathons, 13 Marathons, 29 Half Marathons

Why do you run: It is my freedom and my joy. It is my hope and my dreams. It fulfills my soul and gives me purpose.

Tagline: "Sorry I can't stay out too late. I have a long run in the morning."

Can't Help But Say: "Awesome!"

Theme Song: "All The Way Up" by Fat Joe & Remy Ma (Feat. French Montana & Infared)


Name: Philippa Godoy

AKA: "Capital P” AKA “P” AKA “one L two P’s”

Stats: 57 Total, 4 Half-Marathons, 4 Marathons, 1 Ultra-Marathon.

Why do you run: I run for fresh air, crew love and positive vibes. I run to challenge my imaginary limitations.

Tagline: “Strong Legs, Strong Mind”

Can't Help But Say: "Don’t forget to breathe” (said mostly to myself lol)

Theme song: "The Greatest” Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar


Name: Ike Onyeador Jr.

AKA: I don’t really have nicknames, Ike is already a nickname haha

Stats: 3 half-marathons, Tough Mudder, Bronx 10 Miler, numerous 5Ks. 

Why do you run: To stay in shape, and to introduce others to its benefits

Tag line: “Say what you mean, mean what you say”

Can't help but say: “We’re running the classic AGAIN?”

Theme Song: Literally anything Travis Scott


Name: Jesse Liriano

AKA: "BEAST" a.k.a. "JessDoIt" a.k.a. "JESSEEEEE"

Stats: Multiple obstacle races, Obstacle marathon race, Several ultra-marathons, marathons and everything in between

Why do you run: To discover new limits and inspire others.

Tag line: "Where are we eating? Anybody going out tonight?" 

Can't help but say: "I'm racing this weekend" 

Theme Song: DNA by Kendrick Lamar 


Name: JD (that's all you need to know)

AKA: "Nachos" (I bet you didn't know that)

Stats: I'm a Tough Mudder, Class of 2011, 1 marathon (NYCM 2017 - Woop! Woop!), 7 Half-Marathons

Why do you run: For the health benefits that helps me live longer. I also do it because I enjoy's therapeutic  and ultimately it fits within my fitness lifestyle.


Can't help but say: "If you have something nice to say, say it!"

Theme Song: Anything Notorious B.I.G. (but for today) "Things Done Changed"