Name: Adalgisa Rivera

AKA: "Boss Lady Numero Dos" AKA "Lisa" AKA "LovelyLisa125" AKA "Recruiter Pacer" for Run/Walk Pace Group

Stats: 3x half marathons, 3x 10-milers. First race EVER was Sept' 2015. First half marathon was the MORE/SHAPE Women's Half Marathon 2016.

Why do you run: I want to be around longer, want to be healthier and moving!

Tagline: "Are you joining us?"

Can't Help But Say: "You won't regret it."

Theme song: "Cheerleader" by Omi

Name: Talisa Marie Hayes

AKA: "Ultra Running Chick"

Stats: 111 Total Races, 19 Ultra Marathons, 10 Marathons, 26 Half Marathons

Why do you run: I run for me. It's both selfish and selfless. It is my freedom and my joy. It is my hope and my dreams. It fulfills my soul and gives me purpose. It is my be better, see better, do better.

Tagline: "Sorry I can't stay out too late. I have a long run in the morning."

Can't Help But Say: "Awesome!"

Theme Song: "All The Way Up" by Fat Joe & Remy Ma (Feat. French Montana & Infared)

Name: Philippa Godoy

AKA: "Capital P” AKA “P” AKA “one L two P’s”

Stats: So far 40 races, 4 half marathons. First marathon & ultra marathon will be smashed in 2017.

Why do you run: I run for fresh air, crew love and positive vibes. I run to challenge my imaginary limitations.

Tagline: “Strong Legs, Strong Mind”

Can't Help But Say: "Don’t forget to breathe” (said mostly to myself lol)

Theme song: "The Greatest” Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar

Jonathan S. Martinez

AKA: "Jon", a.k.a. "NoSocialMediaJonathan", a.k.a. "#NSMJ"

Stats: 20 Races, 1 Marathon, 5 Half Marathons

Why do you run: Truly, nothing feels better than to go out and step one foot in front of the next and go.  Running to me is very therapeutic.  I feel great when running, even better when I finish.  "Always good, always HOOD!" 

Tagline: "Where we meeting, time, and how many miles? Bet, I'am down," "FLOW-GO, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW"


Theme Song: "Forta" - DJ SnyZe


Name: Natasha Alfaro

Aka: Tasha, Pacer bOo

Stats: 30 "official" races in total including 3x marathon, 7x half marathon. 

Why do you run: I run to become one with my thoughts, refresh and refocus. It's my therapy.

Tag line: "Never give up no matter how hard it gets" 

Can't help but say: " You got this, let's GOOOO" & "Selfie time" 

Theme Song: Formation by Beyoncé