How do I join the movement?
Come thru!  We welcome people of all abilities, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Are there dues?

Can I bring a friend with me?
Yes, please.  Everyone is welcomed.

Do you meet any other nights of the week?
Official runs are on Mondays and Thursdays but we have “pop up runs” that are generally organized over social media - check our Facebook page and group and Instagram for the latest.

Your gear is dope.  I want some!
Anyone can purchase Harlem Run gear!  Stay tuned for the latest HERE.

I have an idea for Harlem Run.  Can I share it?
YUP.  We love getting feedback about future running routes/gear ideas/etc.  Send us an email at werunharlem@gmail.com; looking forward to hearing from you!

Who leads Harlem Run?
Harlem Run is led by our captains and pacers.  Feel free to chat with any/all of them about any questions you may have.  Get involved!

Where can I see the workouts for the week?
Workouts/run routes are posted on our Facebook page and can be found on our CALENDAR.

Have a question we missed?  Even though we look tough, we won't bite.

Shoot us an email! werunharlem@gmail.com

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