How The Movement Pushed Me Out of My Element

Growing up as a sprinter, I've always enjoyed running, but distance running was never my thing. However, I've always had a deep respect for those who pushed themselves to get the miles in!

What led me to running was my environment. Getting on my feet and onto the pavement was the only time I felt carefree ... and nothing mattered when I was on the track.


I learned of Harlem Run from one of the leaders, Lisa. I saw her group running one Monday evening and decided to follow so I could ask questions and learn more about this energetic group running through Harlem. I ran with The Movement the next Monday and have been running with them every week since.

I'm learning a lot from everyone who is involved in the movement. Things such as techniques, form, stretches, jargon, etc. You name it, someone there has information for you. 


In addition to Monday Night Runs, I also participate regularly in the Thursday Night Speed Workouts, which have pushed me to get stronger and fitter while still meeting new people in the community. These workouts are interesting for me because they incorporate speed, which is my forte, with distance, which is still a learning process for me. Every Thursday is a different workout which is cool because it keeps you on your toes. For someone looking for a push or a change from their regular runs, definitely come by on Thursdays!


Harlem Run puts me out of my element which is great for growth! Everyone has faith in the next person which is why I think it's a great thing to be apart of. My ultimate goal now is to complete a marathon. This goal was created from my being with the movement!