Harlem Run News - April 2018



Our cheer squad will be holding down Harlem Hill where we  will get to see runners twice as they do two loops of Central Park. We'll be out there by 8:00AM, so come through and join us!

Boston Marathon 122nd Running


We have some representing in Saturday's #BAA5K and Monday's Marathon. For those looking to join our cheer squad we'll be positioned at Mile 18 in Newton. We look forward to you joining in on cheering everyone on! 

Harlem Run Hikes


Hello hikers! We will be heading to Bear Mountain located in Highlands, NY for a 4.5 hike (moderate ~3 hours). Our leaders for the hike will be Philippa Godoy and Portia Dudley.

Date - Saturday, April 28th
Time - 8:30am, catching 8:54am train (train runs every hour, please arrive early)
Place: Meet at MetroNorth Harlem Station (or first car if you depart from another station)
Ticket: Purchase R/T ticket to Manitou Station - $29 r/t ticket (off-peak) - GREEN Hudson Line.
(From Manitou Station its 2 mile walk to the trailhead. Pre-hike warm-up, taxi is optional)
Pace groups: Moderate (slightly faster) and Casual (for beginners)
Lunch: Restaurant 1915 located at the Bear Mountain Inn
Departure: Trains leave Manitou Station at 4:26pm/5:26pm. Plan to get back to city after 6:00pm.

Parking available for $10/car. Pets welcome!


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