Finding Your Pace with Harlem Run

What’s up, everyone!

With Spring in full effect, I think it’s important to talk about pacing at Harlem Run.  We are excited to welcome 100+ people each Monday night but want to make sure that we are doing so safely and responsibly.  So how do you find your pace?


At Harlem Run, we have the following pace groups:










Thanks to some incredible volunteers, we are able to support you as you run through the streets ensuring that nobody is left behind.  However, what we are finding is that, on occasion, people choose the wrong pace group and end up discouraged.  While I wish that we could support every single pace group on the spectrum, it’s unrealistic for us at this point.  That being said, I think that we provide enough pacing groups that everyone should find their place.

If you fall somewhere between 12min miles and the run/walk group, I strongly recommend that you stick with the run/walk group when you’re with us.  Our routes often take us on hilly courses and or on longer routes and it becomes difficult for pacers to keep everyone within eye sight if the paces within the group are too far apart. 


You might be thinking “but I’m NOT a run/walker – I need to be challenged!”  That’s a totally fair point and I hear you.  What I always recommend is that run/walkers and walkers in particular join us for our speed sessions on Thursday nights.  These sessions will not only kick your butt (in a good way) they will help you get stronger and faster so that soon enough, a 12min pace will be a walk in the park.

As always, I want to thank everyone who comes out.  Especially the brave ones who have never run before or have never run with a group.  All of this is a labor of love.  But it is important to be aware of the resources we have, the kind of support we can provide you, and where you fit in.  Just as we can’t support people running 5min miles, we cannot support people running 14min miles.  The good news – a 14min miler has a home with the run/walk group.

- HR Captains