Harlem Run News - September 2018


Join the movement as we embark on a new journey of expanding our mission and vision. We are taking our retreat international. We have touched and moved so many within New York City, but also around the world. Join us, February 8-12 for our third annual retreat. For more information, please visit the following LINK. If you are interested there is an application to fill out, and we will keep you informed of the final registration process.

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Join us for the Detroit (Pop Up) Mile! Harlem Run is coming back, so spread the word, test your speed or enjoy a fun run along the riverfront! 

Date - Saturday, September 9, 2017
Time - 10:00 AM
Location - Under Armour Brand House (1201 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226)


If you missed our most recent POP UP SHOP, check out our new women's tank and men's shirt via our gear page. Purchase gear HERE.

I lift myself, I raise
Unafraid and daring
I am what escapes

what flees and flies
what splits and dashes

I am a dance
I do not fall

I am a heel breaking the ground
the dust of toes
wings waving in wind

I move,
I am a movement,
focused and fierce, I smile.
I laugh,
I lift and carry sisters
I am most free running for freedom

Unlike Any

Words by: Aja Monet

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