Harlem One Miler Recap: Part 2!

Hard to believe, but we are still on a high from our annual Harlem One Miler two weeks ago. This week, we continue to celebrate the stories of our runners, who truly represented all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. What moment or feeling are you still thinking about from our big day? Hit us in the comments to let us know.


I loved it all....but if I had to choose...my favorite moment was every time someone crossed the finish line. I had a front row seat, as the MC, watching everyone use the energy from the crowd as fuel. The pain the exasperation followed by a knowing smile of 'I crushed it!' It was all so moving to be part of. 


Father’s Day has always presented a challenge for me. Knowing my Father is alive, in the same city, yet absent from my life always hurts to the core of who I am. This year was similar in many respects. It's approach gave me moments of reflection that brought me to tears. I needed my therapy, and this year I had the perfect fix -- the Harlem One-Miler.

 Having already registered for the Family Run with my kids, I had an opportunity to share my love of running with the one thing it pales in comparison to -- my love for my kids.  

Running with them is our way of bonding.  They remember running the race in 2016. They approved of this race, and as my daughter says, “One mile is short, Daddy!” I'm trying to raise them to be marathoners, but anything more than a 5K and they're looking at me sideways!

Photo Credit: Janelle Hartman

Photo Credit: Janelle Hartman

On this day, my kids got to witness something I see all the time; the love and support of runners. My son remarked that my “friends are really nice.” Both kids thought the high-fives at the end of the race were cool! Hearing our names being called as we approached the finish line reminded me that some friends become family. No one had to read my name off a computer to know who was approaching the finish line. The Harlem One-Miler is a mashup of a wonderful, crazy, and supportive run family.

 I'm so grateful for Harlem United and Harlem Run for providing a space for my kids and I to bond with each other, while being surrounded by people who actually care about us. I look forward to doing it again.  Any time I need a reminder of what's important, I'll look back to the epiphany that my legacy isn't defined by my Father's absence, but my presence in the life of my children.

This is my Legacy…

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