Thank You for the Support!

Yesterday, we celebrated our favorite day of the year, the 3rd Annual Harlem One Miler! We wanted to send out a quick THANK YOU to everyone who helped out and participated in our big day. Whether you ran, volunteered, cheered, supported a friend or family member who was running, or just stopped by, we appreciate you being there!


Every year on the day of the Harlem One-Miler we're able to enjoy one another's company and reflect upon everything that we've accomplished in the past year, all while running, enjoying Harlem, and having some friendly competition. It's not an exaggeration to say that each year the Harlem One-Miler seems to get better and better. 

To those of you who ran, congratulations. To those of you who earned a PR, well done! To those of you who volunteered and/or cheered, you are the reason we keep doing what we're doing. We will see you all tonight at Monday Night Run where we can't wait to hear some more of your stories.


What was your favorite memory from yesterday? Let us know in the comments! 

Much love, as always.

-Harlem Run Leadership

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