Happy Mother's Day!

Today, we celebrate all of the mothers and women out there who inspire and encourage us. We asked a few of our captains and pacers to write a few words about the moms in their lives. Who are you celebrating today? Tell us about your mother - or someone who has been like a mother to you - in the comments. 



Honestly, I can't picture my existence if it weren't for my mother.  I look up to my mother for guidance, nurture, and love. On the flip side, it's amazing to see the phenomenal Mother's who run with Harlem Run and one who stands out to me is April Cargill. It's amazing the WILL, COURAGE and DETERMINATION she exemplifies day in and day out - mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.  Not only April, but all Mother's involved inside and outside of HR.  Happy Mother's Day to all!


My mom sacrificed everything for me and my siblings. I get my strength and determination from her. I wouldn't be the woman I am today if wasn't for her. Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!


A mother from Harlem Run who inspires me day in and out is Jazmin. She is an all-around amazing person and mother who balances training, school, work, co-parenting for both of her children, while still managing to smile and travel. The best part about Jazmin is how grateful, soft-spoken, patient, caring and genuine-hearted she is. She manages to connect her children and family to their faith. She is a model of a single parenting woman and a role model as a woman to me. Wishing her the best year yet as a mother. 


Ileen Cargill is truly the love of my life. She raised my siblings and I as a divorced single mother without any child support, while getting her Bachelors, Master's, and Doctorate degrees, and working 2-3 jobs. She mastered the art of parenting by being a strict, no-nonsense old school Mom as well as a teacher and a friend (I am trying to implement her methods as a mom but I swear it seems impossible).  Her schedule was relentless but she always made me feel she was present and aware of my every move. I cannot begin to describe the hardships and drama life brought us, but all of my siblings would agree that we had the best and happiest childhood.  SHE DID THAT! My Mommy is now and forever will be my best friend..... #salutemommy #superwoman #blessedtocallhermine