Who is Your SHEro?

As we wrap up an incredible Women's History Month and look forward to our "SHEro" Run tonight, we wanted to turn to some of our captains and pacers and hear about their SHEroes. Who is your SHEro? Let us know in the comments.


My Shero is the one and only, Cynthia. Ever since joining the movement, Cynthia has always shown up. Her consistency, perseverance, and determination has inspired me. She is one of my heroes and it's an honor to see how she inspires so many.


My mom is my “Shero” - she has and always will be my biggest fan. My mom pushes me to think critically about the decisions I make in life, and what I admire most about her is that no matter what I do - whether I’m starting grad school, running a race, or moving to a new city - she always shows up and let’s me know that my happiness is her priority. Seeing her cheering me along on the course of my first half-marathon as well as my first marathon were some of the happiest and proudest moments I’ll ever have.


raydime shero.JPG

At SUNY New Paltz, I met Rita Kusi [@ritakusi], an alum who provided mentoring and guidance to women, including myself. Ten years later, we remain close friends and her life path inspires me in many ways. Rita quit her job, moved to Ghana, started Kusi Consulting, and wrote and self-published a book that empowers young women. Rita creates opportunities for professionals and through her movement, Sista 2 Sista, she hosts workshops and summits.  She recently started running and ran her first 10k last year! I am proud and grateful to have her in my life ... Thank you for cheering me on and for all the women and youth that you serve with the biggest smile on your face.


My sister is my "Shero". Her loving, honest and firm ways not only teach us but show us that no matter what, we will get through it together. She is someone I know I can count on anytime and the bond we share is something I would never trade for anything in the world. She is the best version of me! I love you Carolina.


My shero is my mother. Despite all the hurdles life threw at her, like being an immigrant to the US,  a single mother with two children, having a limited education, and not knowing the native language, she still managed to overcome. She showed me the true meaning of being consistent and persistent. Most importantly, she has shown me, through action, the importance of community - supporting, developing, and celebrating those minimal steps we tend to forget. She always finds a way to be helpful to others regardless of her limited resources. 


My Shero is my mom. Hands down the strongest person I know. From teaching me how to navigate the Big Apple, knowing little to no English, to standing her ground in all of our battles with things I learned, to watching sitcoms growing up. Everyday of my adult life I am learning more and more about how much she was right. Looks like I will be apologizing to her for the rest of my life. Everything she did was because she wants the best for me. 


My sHero is Skyrunner Emelie Forsberg [@tinaemelie], who is a world champion of trail running and ski mountaineering. Emelie used to run in the mountains for fun, but soon realized that she could become elite and has since made it her professional career. She also posts the most amazing photos of herself flying over mountains. I am inspired by the wins and the struggles of her training and race experiences, and am most drawn to her love of nature, the fact that she is always smiling, and her consistent message of loving your body and the amazing things it can do. After recovering from ACL surgery in 2016 she came back to win several races in the Skyrunner World Series. The girl is just badass!

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