That's a Wrap on 2017!

Another year of running is in the books and we have to say ... 2017 may have been the best one yet! This year, we've managed to run dozens of races, take the Movement international, have more than 100 people rep Harlem Run during the NYC Marathon, celebrate new engagements & babies, and so many other great memories. As we close the book on this year, we wanted to know: What has your favorite Harlem Run memory been?

Below are just a few of our runners' best memories. Do you have some more that you want to share? Drop them in the comments! Thank you all for a great year ... We will see you in 2018!


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Competing my first NYC MARATHON

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The whole year was fantastic, and every weekly run was an adventure, but since 2017 marked my first marathon and the training that went along with it I have to say my favorite memory was turning from 5th onto 124th and soaking in all the incredible vibes from the Harlem Run Cheer Station! Just having the whole crew out being loud and supportive gave me all the energy I needed to finish strong and crush my goal time!

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I have two. The first--always being welcomed with open arms by Alison and Amir. They made me feel like family in that instant. The second--the soul train line cheering runners/walkers back from their runs.

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Alison is the planner of us two, and I learn from her daily. The engagement this past July wasn't planned at all, but it turned out exactly the way I hoped and dreamed. The icing on the cake was having Terria take our engagement photos in November, which were the absolute best! Double whammy! S/O to Matt Ryb for capturing the original photos of the actual engagement and #AliMir is grateful for Terria Clay in capturing the spirit of our union to share with the world.

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I ran last year's Malcolm Relay and volunteered this year so my friend and two runners from Seattle could run with my team. I was able to check off a personal bucket list item: cross the finish line of a race eating food.

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I did not get on the MXM Relay Race team! However, I made up my miles running from Brooklyn through Summer Streets, Central Park to Harlem meeting in front of Row House on time to be on the cheer squad finishing at 12.22 miles. Thanks Harlem Run. Keep winning and inspiring!

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So many amazing memories in Paris, Chicago, Boston, and others. However, my favorite was running my first Marathon in NYC with people screaming and cheering. Nothing felt better than knowing you of you were at Mile 22 when I needed you. It's so funny thinking back, I still can’t believe my response to you all versus hugs and kisses. Thank you for all you do to push, inspire, and motivate people.

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My favorite memory was passing Alison’s photo outside of the Under Armour store in Philadelphia when heading back to my hotel the night before my first marathon. The nerves and anxiety had start to set in and seeing her photo after all the support she had provided over the months of training was so comforting (even if it was a little creep lol), like is Alison always watching? I instantly felt better and went back to my hotel feeling like it was a good omen and that I did indeed have it.

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That bolt of electricity the Harlem Run NYC Marathon cheer station sent out at Mile 22 to power us through to the end of the race. I'm already looking forward to that again in 2018.

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