Marathon Memories: Dawn, April, & Portia



I really enjoyed this year's NYC marathon; I feel like I got my mojo back.  This year has been really difficult; injury in January, boot in February, and slowly getting back on my feet.  I'm so glad I was able to have my best marathon in my hometown.

Thank you, Harlem Run, for helping me get here!



This was my 3rd Marathon, 2nd in NYC ... When asked about this marathon experience the day after the race, I was still in my feelings and could barely speak without bursting into tears.  "Life is what happens when you are making plans" ... I was well trained, felt so strong, and was sure I was going to crush my goals. But I knew once I started running something was wrong with my digestive system and got progressively sicker throughout the race. I became emotional and started to fight myself, willing myself not to give up and drop out.

I pushed through the pain and fatigue that my bathroom visits left me. I figured most of us running were dealing with pain, and I was not a quitter ... Now that I have had time to think about my performance, I am damn proud that I was able to finish. My training worked in that I was able to push my body and mind forward when they were definitely pushing back (and pushing hard).

Immediately after the race, I was dealing with disappointment, so I forgot just how FUN running a marathon in my birth city is!  Running in a race with so many runners you are friends with ... is that normal? The cheer squads from running crews that you love and run really give you that much-needed push! The random friends, family, and coworkers that surprised me and showed up, or texted giving me love and reminding me how proud they are of me and what a big accomplishment this is ... I forgot how great that was. The random New Yorkers along the course going crazy as only they can.  The music, the dancing, the costumes, on and on.  This no doubt helped me get through it.  

Nothing compares to the feeling of being in this race and crossing the finish line regardless.  My lesson from this race? I am Blessed and a BadAss.



Being a part of a running community has many perks, especially when preparing for a marathon. One thing that I did was almost "normalize" what I was getting into, thinking "running a marathon, everyone does it". But the truth is, I just participated in an event that most people don't think is possible. It's honestly like a dream, every step felt unreal. Now I can call myself a marathoner and understand the magnitude of what I have accomplished.

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