Harlem Run Global: Berlin Marathon 2017

This past September Alison and I had the honor of taking a trip to Berlin in preparation for the marathon. We would’ve loved to be the ones running, but on this journey we were set to cheer others on.



Early on Wednesday we met up at the pop-up store near Moritzplatz and took a 45-minute bus ride along with our other #TeamUA members (District Running Collective and Resident Runners) and runners from all over Europe to an old, abandoned CIA listening station in Teufelsberg. The tagline for their campaign is #RunVerboten, which means “Run Forbidden”. We literally ran through grounds closed off to the public, plastered with beautiful works of grafitti. We ran to multiple stations of calisthenics led by endurance athletes and made it to the top of the structure, where the night was closed out to the sounds of a local hip-hop artist on the rise!


After sight-seeing the remainder of the week, courtesy of our two feet and 24-hour bike rentals, it was time to cheer on the runners! The entire week we saw great running weather, but the day of the marathon it started pouring! We missed the rain making it out to 21KM (13.1mi) marker, but the runners didn’t. Weather can often throw a wrench in your plans of attaining your goal, but you just have to push through it. That’s exactly what everyone did. Alison & I might not have been running, but we were all in with the cheer squad. First it was the halfway mark and then we set up shop at 36.5KM!



We were out for a while, and saw so many familiar faces, including Eric & Ray (Resident Runners) as well as Cliff & Matt (District Running Collective). There were a lot of fast runners out on that course, but we’re always aware of those who take on the 26.2 mile challenge and take a bit longer to finish. We remained out as long as we could for runners finish 5 hours and greater. We’ll do the same thing when we cheer at Mile 22 for the upcoming NYC Marathon.

But first things first...anyone register for the lottery of the 2018 Berlin Marathon? Let us know if you get in. Most importantly, let us know if you’ll be cheering with us at Mile 22 for the NYC Marathon.

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