Four Women Run For ALL Women

Alison always wants to do more, making sure she does her part in impacting change in our community. She is constantly motivating, moving, and engaging people to be a part of the solution. Women's health and reproductive issues are causes that are deeply important to her and after Paul Ryan’s announcement to defund Planned Parenthood, she posted this on social media:

"If it doesn't scare you, it's not worth doing." - Matika Wilbur

On January 18, 2017, I (and a small team including @ultrarunningchick81) will begin a 240-mile run from Harlem to Washington DC in an effort to raise money and awareness for @plannedparenthood) and the awesome power of women. (To put it into context, we'll be running roughly two NYC Marathons each day). We will arrive in DC on January 20th to journey of our powerful, beautiful, and courageous sisters in the Women's March. There will be four of us running, but we’ll be running for all of us.

If you would like to support Planned Parenthood and our run, please donate (we are hoping to raise $44,000 in honor of the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama).

Please note: The time and route has changed to accommodate the fact that women from all around the country want to run with Alison. 

TIME: 6pm

DATE: Wednesday, 1/18

LOCATION: 145th Street Lenox Avenue

As soon as she posted her plan to run for change, her call went out. Alison's call to action stirred a feeling in many of us who didn’t know what to do in the midst of this transitory and uncertain time for our country. Women and allies from all over wanted to be a part of this movement. They wanted to be a part of this concrete goal and amazing journey. Alison showed us that you, too, can spread awareness, donate, and volunteer your talents and efforts.  You can put a call out to engage your community and be part of the solution we all seek. You, too, can create change.

As of January 15, more than $59,000 has been raised, showing us that together we can make real change happen. Amazing athletes, women, and leaders in our community like Mary Arnold have taken on this incredible task to be part of the change they want to see. To that we say thank you. Here are some reasons why these four outstanding women felt drawn to this movement... 


When I heard about Alison's idea to run to D.C. supporting Planned Parenthood and just women in general, I thought to myself this is so amazing and how can I be a part of it? I believe that women are strong, beautiful beings and no one should tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. I am a woman, I am raising a woman, I was raised by a woman, and all I know is that we are so powerful, individually and definitely together.


I was looking to do a long run to support a charity for some time now, but the opportunity never came my way. During the holidays, I was very much depressed and I kept thinking to myself that I needed to do something to awaken my spirit. I saw Alison’s post and fireworks went off in my head. I just knew I had to take part in the journey and immediately contacted her. I’m elated beyond words that I will be a part of this adventure with the other ladies involved. I have so much respect, admiration and love for them. But most importantly we will be raising funds for an organization that I feel every woman needs. I know from personal experience that they helped me a great deal when I needed them. 


Talisa: When Alison proposed this "crazy game-changing" idea to me, I immediately knew I had to join this "movement."  I have recently been thinking about doing something for a purpose that could help me make my mark or make a difference in this world. This movement is important to me because awareness needs to be made of the valuable role Planned Parenthood has in our country. Planned Parenthood provides women and men with access to quality, affordable healthcare. They provide essential resources such as counseling about sexual and reproductive health, STD testing and treatments, affordable birth control, cancer screenings, pap smears, mammograms, pregnancy test, physical exams and prenatal services. These are all our basic health and reproductive rights. To defund Planned Parenthood is unconstitutional, unconscionable, and insensible. So therefore, I will stand up for our rights and run for All women!

Just like these four women running for the rights of women all over the country, you too can make a change. Every time you donate, share, or call your representative to demand that we make women’s health a priority, you are making our world a better place. We can't take on all the issues of the world at once but we can take steps, however big or small, to help each other live in a place that is right and fair for all.

What has this stirred in you?  

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