The Power of Community: Harlem Run and Beyond

It started with a request...

Christa, aka the OG, tagged me in this post indicating that I might know some people who would be able to help. Here's what she said: 

Thanks, all! Virginia is my cousin and William is my other cousin (her older sister) Bridget's son. My aunt and uncle and cousin have been involved in theatre a long time and I'm excited to hear that William has caught the acting bug too. Thank you for taking the time to reach out him. It means the world to me and my family.

So I reposted.

... And then the likes, comments, and tags started coming in.  Then, a friend of mine reposted it and before I knew it, an incredible set of stories came together.

These moments remind me of how lonely and ugly the world can be – that a 9 year old boy might be led to believe he must forego his dreams because of his skin color – but also how out-of-this-world amazing a network can be at invalidating that self-hate and infusing a new truth than can transform his life and his idea of what is possible.

I’m so happy that Harlem Run is my family and that I am part of this movement.  I can’t wait to see how Williams reacts to the affirmations and assurances that there is in fact a place for him!



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