Coach Cane's Marathon Training Recap

With the NYC Marathon a short four months away and everyone starting to put in their training miles, we knew that people would have lots of questions about how to create a training plan that is safe, smart, and fun.  So, we called in one of our faves, Coach Jonathon Cane, to talk marathon training strategy at Harlem Gets Fit two weeks ago. 

In a way that only Coach Cane can do, he served us with some real and valuable knowledge while sharing some hilarious stories with us. If you had to miss it, Captain Alison was on hand to live tweet Coach Cane's wisdom. If you haven't done so yet, go to our Twitter and scroll down to July 14 to read them all. (And don't forget to follow us!)

Want to hear our 10 favorite quotes from Coach? Read on! And remember that this advice is not just for people running the NYC Marathon! Although we have a special place in our heart for the big day on November 6th, these tips can be applied to any race and distance.

10 Things Coach Cane Wants You to Know About Training for Your Marathon

10. A great resource for finding your goal pace for Race Day is Mcmillan Running 

9. Do a half marathon 5-6 weeks out from Race Day... It's a great way to figure out your ideal race pace.

8. If you haven't been doing strength training before, now is not the time to start!

7. ...But, strength training can be helpful if you know what you're doing and it keeps you healthy. 

6. Don't overanalyze every run you do.

5. The taper is important. Don't condense your taper or you won't be fully rested.

4. I'm a big fan of treadmills for training runs, but don't just jump on and zone out. Add elevation!

3. Nothing new on race day.

2. Three weeks out, you should not be racing... And if you do race three weeks out and I see you, I'll tackle you!

And lastly, our favorite bit of advice...
1. Training for the NYC Marathon is not one size fits all... Just because it's right for Runner A does not mean it's right for Runner B.

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