Harlem 1 Miler Recap!

It's hard to believe that the Harlem 1 Miler was already one week ago! If you were there - or even if you were just following along on social media - you know that the day was epic. We had it all: families, medals, 5-minute milers, Ida Keeling, Kai on the mic, Spike Lee, brunch at Angel of Harlem, and so much more. We want to thank ALL of you for being a part of the race and being a part of the Harlem Run family. Without you all, this race would not be as magical as it was. 

To bring back some memories of our favorite day of the year, just one week ago, we asked the captains what their favorite moments were. Here's what they had to say:


Volunteering at the Harlem 1 Miler was amazing; being able to see all of the participants pick up their bibs and get ready to run the one mile around MGP was so much fun. But hands down, my favorite moment was watching Boe and Power bring in the "back of the pack" in each heat. It's one thing to SAY that we celebrate all pace groups and abilities levels, but it's another thing to SHOW it. Watching the back of each heat was so inspiring because everyone was having so much fun... laughing, smiling, and cheering for themselves as they gathered energy from the spectators and running partners. Watching runners support each other always gets me emotional, and last Sunday was no exception!


A pleasant, and yet unexpected surprise was after Alison & Kai gave the announcements; seeing the all the participants walking towards the starting line. I was rocking out at the starting line with Miss Shuga Cain. We thought individual heats would arrive, but everyone came together. 

Watching all the men and women get ready was a sight to see. Some were going through their game plan, while others were quiet and waiting patiently. The youth heat was especially full of energy! We even had an impromptu chorus of singing "Who runs the world?! Girls!" My highlight was the push-up challenge that included Shelley Keeling, who easily pumped out 35 push-ups after jumping rope for the duration of the women's heat!


It would be impossible for me pick a favorite moment from this year. I think that what I enjoyed most was the overall feeling and energy. It's hard to put it into words but anyone who was there can attest to it. Whether you raced or cheered, you caught the electric spirit of the day that was contagious and has left you already wishing it were 2017 already. The day is a reminder of the power of ideas and community. The Harlem One-Miler was just a concept that we had but that has truly taken on a life of its own. Thank you for that.


In between heats yesterday at the #Harlem1Miler , I found a moment to chat with this little girl here. I asked her if she runs and she told me she runs 2 miles a day at school. That really made me think about what we are doing at this event. What we are doing every Monday and Thursday night. We are inspiring these kids - the next generation. They are watching our moves and mimicking them. We know it's good for them, but they probably just know it to be fun. But, what they don't know is that they are inspiring us.

And Ida Keeling, Mary Wittenberg, and Spike!

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