2016 Brooklyn Half Memories

The energy at last week's Brooklyn Half was surreal. Whether you were running, cheering, celebrating at the after-party, or a combination of all three, you know that last Saturday was one of the best. days. ever!

You may have also heard some of the stats about our runners: 63 people ran under the Harlem Run name, with times ranging from 1:19 to 3:25. Our youngest runner was 13 years old and our oldest was 58 years old. You can see that this movement is inclusive: all ages, abilities, and paces were represented. With so many people representing the movement last weekend, we wanted to celebrate all of you and your favorite memories during the race. Here are just some of our runners describing their favorite moment during their 13.1 Miles. 


The moment I made it out of Prospect Park, I saw so many familiar faces from Harlem Run and we all pushed each other while reminding each other how light this race would be given all our training. I never thought I'd become one of those people turning down dinner invites or just hangouts with friends because it conflicted with my running schedule but after completing the half and immediately signing up for my next half I can proudly say I AM A Runner and am eager to encourage others so that they too can run.


 I felt so good during the entire run around Brooklyn, and a big reason for that was because I was really looking forward to seeing my friends at Mile 10. I know that we all look forward to the finish line, but running strong through the Mile 10 cheer station kept me aware of my pace and energy level. A lot of my non-running friends and family don't understand why I run and would never think to be in BK so early on a Saturday morning, so to have the HR #Famalam there meant the world to me! Thank you Kayla and all of you who came by and showed love!


My 3 favorite moments during the Brooklyn Half:  Mile 5, the moment I went from weakness, doubt & exhaustion to --> " enjoy this damn race! You GET to run, so give it all you got!", seeing all the cheer squads, and lastly the finish line, because for that split second I wish it hadn't ended.


My favorite moment during my very first half marathon was seeing the love and energy of Harlem Run out in Brooklyn. Whether they were out there running with me or cheering on the side, that support I've felt all these months with this incredible family was there with me that morning. 


In the days leading up to the BK Half, I was petrified that I wasn't ready to run this distance without training.  By mile 7 I was in tears because I realized I had it in me.  At that moment, I found my stride and strength to glide to the finish to join my son.


My favorite Brooklyn Half moment was having my best friends waiting for me at Mile 12 with their little ones. As I approached, I could see that the babies were totally in the moment, clapping and cheering along with everyone else. Won't be long before auntie/Godmommy has them beating the pavement too :)


My favorite part of the Brooklyn Half Marathon was the cheer squad at Mile 10. I made sure i stayed on the left side through out the race so I could see my crew. Hearing Mary Arnold screaming, Malick blowing his Vuvuzela and the rest of the crew screaming my name and giving me hi-five's....This gave me life!


My favorite memory during the half was Mile 3, where my bestie formed a cheer squad! Felt great to hear them scream my name as I was entering the park, just the boost of energy I needed to complete the park and those hills!


My favorite moment during the half was running straight towards love three miles away from the finish! Thank you Harlem Run... Mile 10 Cheerstation was Pura Vida!!! #Neededthat #LoveFuelsLife


There's something about showing up at someone's house at 4:45am in the morning and being greeted with JOY! The door was open and I could hear the laughter and feel the energy as soon as I exited the elevator. My plan was to sleep the car ride over to the BK Half Marathon. But there was so much life, love and JOY in the car I couldn't. As we grow as a TEAM, I continue to meet new people that enrich me in so many different ways and I'm so grateful for every moment.

“The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have. ” ― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture... My answer is YES!


This has been my 4th year experiencing the BK Half and it won't be the last. My biggest moment truly was at Mile 9 when I saw the #ComebackKid, Raydime! I approached her and whispered let's bring it in to Mile 10 sis and was surrounded by cheers from the Harlem Run cheer station who captured this photo. I love to see people shine and was so happy for my Sexy Pacer as she took over Brooklyn. Team work makes the dream work and we all shined together with an amazing finish.


My favorite moment during my Brooklyn Half experience was when I was losing energy at mile eight and started to doubt my ability to finish, but I thought of my late uncle Chandra who always supported me in my commitment to fitness, and he got me to the finish line! 


The week leading up to the Brooklyn Half had me in a daze; I graduated with my masters in counseling psychology from Columbia University, celebrated my father's life and legacy, traveled to Baltimore for an event with Under Armour, and made it back in time for the Brooklyn Half marathon with only 40mins of sleep. Would I be able to finish the race?  When  I saw my mother jumping for joy at the mile 10 cheer station, I dug deep and found that "extra" gear and brought home my fastest half marathon yet. #FindMeaningOnTheRun



I still have goosebumps and need to be pinched thinking that in one month I ran my first two half marathons. This race was amazing and I made sure to trust my body and enjoy it. My favorite moment would have to be crossing the finish line knowing that I PR'ed by 17 minutes from my first half 3.5 weeks earlier. I highly recommend this race to everyone!


My favorite part of the 13.1 miles of the Brooklyn Half- besides seeing the cheer station and the finish line- I would honestly have to say would be the "no man left behind" attitude of everyone from Harlem Run during the race which gave me the motivation. Seeing my wife and Freitas at the finish line with huge cut of my head was also definitely a surprise for me and got me kind of emotional!


Being able to run a half marathon with a team that accepted me as their own would be my favorite moment. I've been a loner for a long time so running this race with new friends was very special to me.