7 Weeks Til Harlem One Miler

Hey everyone! If you follow us on ANY form of social media or make it out to our Monday & Thursday runs, you have definitely heard about our favorite event of the year, the Harlem One MilerThis year, we will be co-hosting the 2nd Annual Harlem One Miler in conjunction with Harlem United. This race is awesome because you run around the perimeter of the beautiful Marcus Garvey Park and get a chance to see all of your favorite running partners, HR Captains/Pacers, and members of the Harlem community. What more could you possibly ask for?!

One of the things that makes this race unique is the Family Heat. Bring out your little ones, your furry friends, or whoever else you consider family, and run/walk/skip/shuffle it together! If you're feeling a bit more competitive, there will be a Men's and Women's Heat... And if you're going for the gold, what's waiting for you at the finish line (besides our smiling faces)? A $200 prize, a trophy, other goodies, and of course Harlem One Miler Bragging Rights! 

For those of you who participated last year, you know just how awesome the day was. We had Captains Raydime, Alison, and Amir share their favorite parts of the 2015 Harlem One Miler and what they're looking forward to for this year.

My favorite thing about the 2015 Harlem 1 Miler was being a part of a race that celebrated Harlem families. From the moms and dads to the tiny humans and furry runners, everyone was welcome and had a great time. Prior to this race, I had participated in several races which were always fun, but sometimes too competitive and a bit nerve-wracking. The Harlem One Miler has the competitive heats but seeing the community represented in all its glory is very satisfying. It made it less intimidating to people who don't necessarily run consistently or at all and introduced them to this fun, health-conscious, and supportive community. It made my new life accessible to my non-running friends and family.

This year it is going to be epic simply because the message of #TheMovement has touched so many lives since then. To see this growing community represented now, is really an amazing. And that means more tiny humans and furry friends running through Harlem.


When I think about what I loved most last year, it was watching the family heat; however, what's so unique about our event is that we also have very fast men and women running the course as well. To witness sub 5min racers along the Marcus Garvey Park route followed up by babies taking some of their very first, precious steps along the course is what makes our race  unlike any other race in New York. 


For the first annual #Harlem1Miler the initial task of spreading the word was so much fun. We went from person to person, business to business informing everyone. When the day arrived, setting up and having everyone show up and get ready wasn't a chore but a true joy. The experience was captured effortlessly by Da Ping Luo. This year, we will continue to grow on the foundation we laid last year. Continuous growth and impact to the community we serve, Harlem.