Captain Kai's NYC Half 2016

NYC Half 2016.

Running late was a good warmup. As I was approaching the entrance to the park, I felt like I was walking into airport security. After all that I still showed up to an almost completely empty corral. While I was warming up, I looked over and spotted my buddy Kevin who I always see running track on Facebook. We chatted about race strategies and complained about cold. It was definitely colder than what I am comfortable with on race day.


There goes the anthem, the horn sounds, and we are off. People were going for it. Lots of heavy breathing going up the first and second rolling hills. I had to keep telling myself that I am running my own race and I need to focus on me. I spent the entire time in the park listening to my breath, glancing at my watch every now and then to check on my pace.

I have to say, I was kind of disappointed when I didn't see the #HRCheerSquad at the FDB Circle. I was really looking forward to seeing the crew. But as I turned the corner on Harlem Hill, I saw them and got the best rush of energy! Alison on the megaphone and #WholeTeamHere. I think I caught them off guard haha, love those guys. But, who's the guy in the green morph suit though?

Photo Courtesy of @suniemi227 via Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @suniemi227 via Instagram

I exit the park, the worst part of the race is over. I'm now running in the shadows of the skyscrapers, so according to my research I should be about half way through. I'm a couple of seconds behind my goal pace, but I have time to catch up. It's go time! In Times Square, I see kids getting ready to earn their own medals in the kids races.

A guy was holding a sign that said "WORST PARADE EVER." Haha funny stuff. Westside highway, I'm still behind goal pace. I can't slow down now, gotta stay focus and drink Gatorade. The highway seems awfully quiet, where is everybody? Regardless, I still have to handle business.

Next stop, Freedom Tower. They were right, the tunnel was a tad longer than I anticipated. I almost ran out of gas and barely made it out. That hill exit though.. Ran by Gilbert from Frontrunners with about 600 meters to go and he said "Go Kai!" So I did. I broke 3 personal records today.