What's New at Harlem Run

Hey Fam!

As usual, there is a ton of stuff brewing behind the scenes at Harlem Run.  I wanted to take a moment to guide you through some of the latest updates on our website AND give you a little inside preview of what is to come (don’t tell nobody).

Photo Courtesy of: Javie Gomez

Photo Courtesy of: Javie Gomez

First up: Head On Over to Our Website's EVENTS TAB

You’ll see a few drop down items including... Our weekly events calendar; an info page about the #HarlemOneMiler 2015 (STD: #HarlemOneMiler 2016 will be June 19, 2016); our Harlem Run Race Schedule for 2016; and a tab with details about the upcoming Harlem Haberdashery Ball benefitting Harlem Hospital (buy your tickets with a special HR discount HERE )

Here's a breakdown of what all of this is:

The Calendar Tab is where we keep you up to date about our weekly runs and events from month to month.  Any last minute changes and specific routes will be announced via our social media, of course, but the calendar is your go-to for what’s generally going on in our world.

The Harlem Run Races Tab represents a few of the many races taking place in NYC that we have officially decided to support.  Please feel free to sign up for as many or as few as you would like.  When signing up, we’d love to have you register with our team. If you are unsure how to do that, hit us up in the comments and we'll clarify. We also know that the only thing better than racing is cheering, so we hope to set up cheer stations at each of these races.  Of course, we encourage you to sign up for races outside of this list as well – just know that we can’t be everywhere. *Side note: Additions may be made as the year goes on.

Photo Courtesy of: Jackrabbit

Photo Courtesy of: Jackrabbit

Now... Onto GEAR!

We’ve heard your demands and we are doing out best to meet them!  We are excited to have fresh new winter gear available for order.  Here’s how orders will be working for now – we have a limited quantity in stock but are taking pre-orders.  What does that mean?  Those who order first will receive what we have in stock and those who are little slower to purchase, will be receiving items as they come in. 

Why are we doing it this way? We want to make sure that we are ordering only the right amount of gear.  My tiny apartment can only hold but so many Harlem Run hoodies ;). Once you’ve made a purchase, you’ll receive an email with an estimate of what shipping will cost you.

Thanks for your patience as we work through all of the ins and outs of keeping Harlem Run going!  It’s amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to the dedication of our captains, pacers, and the powerful energy all of you bring to our movement.

We aim to get faster, stronger, and healthier in both mind and body. And remember that we are constantly working on becoming more efficient, better organized, and more responsive as a movement.  I hope that you’ll have some patience with us as we navigate the process. If you are reading this and have any special skills or expertise that you might want to lend, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Last but not least... What's coming up for us??

There will be several fun events, community service opportunities, and new gear popping up in the next few months.  I want you to have access to all of it!   But here’s the thing – you won’t know if you aren’t signed up for our newsletter. Please do us and yourself a favor, and sign up today! 

While you’re at it, follow us on IG (@harlemrun), twitter (@harlem_run) and follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/HarlemRun. I get it – it’s a lot of stalking.  But trust me, it’ll be worth it!



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