Happy Valentine's Day, Runners! Harlem Run has always been about love, friendship, community, and working together. So, we want to know... What is your #HarlemRunLove Story? Share your story with us... Post it in the comments, post it on Facebook, put it up on Instagram, Tweet us, whatever you like! We want to hear it. Tell us about your boo-love or your friend-love and how you met with the hashtag #HarlemRunLove. 

In the meantime, we want to share one of our (and soon to be yours) FAVORITE #HarlemRunLove stories. Because today is all about love, right? Read Pacer Lisa's love story and get ready to feel all mushy inside.

On a hot summer day in June 2015, we met at Harlem Run. Most of you know my Harlem Run story, but just as a recap, I was tricked into coming by captain and my cousin, Raydime. On this particular day, It was Chinedu's (AKA Nedu) second time attending a run after procrastinating a long awaited invite from Alison.

During our first meeting, only a few words were exchanged. Nedu was at a faster pace than me, so there was not much of an opportunity to really get to know one another on the spot. However, as the weeks and months went on, we began talking, checking in, getting to know each other, and before we knew it... we were dating.

Not only has Harlem Run brought us free fitness, friendship, and a deep connection to the community, but it has also helped us form a connection with one another that words just cannot explain. Nedu and I would love to give a sincere thank you to #HarlemRun. We love you!!

We encourage everyone reading this to join the movement we call #HarlemRun. Not because of what Harlem Run brought us, but because of what you can bring to the movement.... And you never know who you might run into around the corner ;)

- Lisa and Nedu

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