NYC Marathon Memories!

It's already been two weeks since the NYC Marathon but we are still thinking about all the awesome times we had. This week, we want to continue to celebrate all of our finishers, and what better way to do that than to hear about some favorite moments? This week we will highlight some amazing moments from the run #nostalgia. Do you have a favorite moment that wasn't featured here? Drop it in the comments :) 


My favorite marathon memory was approaching the 59th street bridge ~ Mile 15 (I know, I know, crazy, right?) because I knew I was prepared for the challenge ahead.  I vividly remember running the bridge two weeks prior with a handful of Harlem Run friends. It was our last long training run together (19 miles) in the pouring rain and severe winds. The 59th street bridge was our second bridge of the day and we tackled it with a strategy, even tempo and camaraderie to finish strong.

That practice run provided me with the confidence to tackle that bridge with NO FEAR. Although, the bridge is known as being one of the most difficult parts of the marathon, I felt a sense of calmness knowing that I had the experience and mindset to crush it.  I am forever thankful to all the Harlem Run friends I trained with and especially our fearless leader for that run, Jonathan (#NoSocialMediaJonathan) for leading the pack like a TRUE BOSS. 


Last year was a race. This year was thank you. I told myself heading into my second NYC Marathon that I will stop and make sure I thank everyone who took time to come out and cheer for me and the other 50,000 runners. Shoutouts to Cheny and Bryan, Ant and Rene, Jon and Feli, Dave, Jess, Gina, Olivia, Tim, Han, Schern, Jami, Hannah, God Mom, Coach Cane, Under Armour, Jack Rabbit, all the run clubs and crews, Keni, Gabby, Nicole, of course my Harlem Run fam and my girl Sharon, and everyone else I missed. I have so much love for you guys. Thank you!


I have so many great NYC Marathon moments, some of which include the Under Armour bus taking the Harlem Run team from to the starting line, hanging out in the Runners Village with my fellow runners sharing many laughs and stories, heading to the start line with April and Raydime, and running half the race with April.

But my ultimate NYC Marathon moment was running past the Harlem Run cheer squad at Mile 22. It was the highlight of my day. Usually people say you a hit a wall at mile 22 but I felt great! Maybe it was the adrenaline or the love I felt from the cheer squad, but whatever it was I wanted more of it. I was so excited just running through Harlem. I got a bit emotional because I was running through my neighborhood and saw my locals. The crowd was large and very vocal and the music was pumping. I loved all the shout outs, hugs, and hi fives from Harlem Run! That boost got me all the way to finish! Marathon #10 in the books!


Without a doubt, my best moment was passing Mile 22. I had been texting my best friend Sean and warning him that I wasn't feeling great. He promised to have cliff bars waiting for me and reminded me that no matter what I looked like, I'd receive LOVE. He was so right! I ran by mile 22 with a HUGE smile on my face. I only wished I had stopped to hug everyone :)


The week leading up to my first marathon was so hectic I didn't even get a chance to get anxious or think about it too much. The morning of the race, the Harlem Run team had the privilege of riding together in Under Armour's cute ass relaxing bus with all kinds of amazing amenities!  This began my amazing race day.

When we arrived at the Marathon Village, I had 5 whole hours before my wave began the race.  I know if I didn't have my incredibly amusing, eclectic teammates I would have been sick to my stomach with nerves.  Instead we enjoyed each other and had so much fun joking, dancing, eating, and stopping for team pictures.  After all, most of us trained together for months so it was only natural for us to be here together. 

The energy was exciting but comfortable. One by one, we eventually hugged and separated to go to our different starting points. Talisa, Raydime, and I were the final three left to start together in the beginning of the blue coral in wave 4.  Relaxed, ready, and happy we sang Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody' until the actual song really came on over the loud speakers and our race began. To this day I am still amazed that my first Marathon was in the greatest city in the world... my city... And it started in such a perfect way on a sunny and gorgeous Sunday on November 6th 2016.

Have other favorite moments you want to share with us? Drop them in the comments!!


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