NYC Marathon Check-In

There is officially less than one month to go until the NYC Marathon and we know that everyone has been putting their heart and soul into training for the past few months. How are our Harlem Run regulars handling these summer training months? For the next two weeks, our blog will check in with some of our runners to see what they've learned and how prepared they feel...


Each week I am becoming more confident in myself as a runner. Surprisingly, my training during the week has been working well with my schedule and as the long runs are becoming enormous, I've been running with a Saturday 5am crew with a mapped-out course. Not only do we keep each other accountable, we are actually having fun pushing through the many miles. I am focusing on staying healthy and strong enough to make it to the starting line and trusting my training to run a smooth and fun race.



Training began 12 weeks ago, but what I really want to do here is write a thank you note to the sinus/head cold that sidelined me for Week 11. Dear Sinus Cold... I appreciate your timing, and while I don’t usually like surprise visits I’m clear you were sent for a reason. You had me at Hello, and I left you at goodbye. 

The real important thing that I’m learning is that it is OK to allow myself to have the cold and give myself a few days to recover and recuperate without beating myself up. Self-Care!  I jumped right back in to rhythm, and I felt better than I did before after taking the days off. Often what I do is create all this pressure where it doesn’t need to be. Of course, you want to stay the course and follow the training program, but a major key is to listen to your body. My body wanted me to rest after week 10. And I listened. Training for my second marathon this year, I don’t believe there is a cookie cutter training spreadsheet. Follow your program, but also listen to your body. I’m ready… Training commences, and I can’t wait for November 6, 2016.



Marathon training has been an amazing experience that has challenged me to learn more about myself. This humbling process has inspired me to practice more patience on a daily basis and helped me reach goals that previously felt unattainable. Although it's been challenging to stay consistent with training as a father, husband, & professional, nothing motivates me more than my girls & my Harlem Run family, of course!



Training has been tough following a disappointing marathon in Santa Rosa back in August. It's not easy piling on more training weeks and trying to recover physically and mentally at the same time. On top of that, I will be tapering while I'm traveling in Southeast Asia for a little over two weeks. Dealing with all of that plus the fatigue and jet lag when I return on race week is not going to be easy. With that said, I will go out there and do my best.



Running with so many people in the movement has kept me so consistent. From #MonNgtRun to Thursday #Speedwork, the support is always there and I find time to get my own runs in by myself or with a select few. I like to be ready for anything, so NYCM here I come!

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