Live From the HR Cheer Station!

You all know that Harlem Run travels near and far to cheer for our own. Harlem Run Cheer Stations are always the highlight of any race because we always bring our passion, love, and enthusiasm no matter what the location is. Whether it's in Staten Island, the Bronx, Central Park, or in our very own backyard, we make sure that we show up and cheer on all of our runners. 

With just one month until the New York City Marathon, we wanted to get people pumped up for all our cheer station has to offer. So we asked our captains to describe what it's like to be in the cheer station in one sentence. Not easy, but here's what we had to say...


We cheer with our hands, feet, voice, vuvuzela, mascots and whatever else we can use to energize every walker or runner that passes by our way.


Being a part of a cheer station means that you are doing something totally selfless - you get the chance to show your appreciation for your fellow runners and let them know that you will always be there for them when they need the extra motivation.


We cheer for and welcome each runner to our home like they're family until each and every member finishes the race.


The HR Cheer Station  requires more energy than racing, but is always more rewarding!


Our cheer station has the best of both worlds; running and a party.

... Don't miss out on any of our cheer station celebrations! Stay active on our Facebook group to read all the details on where cheer stations are for upcoming races and how you can get involved.

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