8 Months, 35 Stories... Keep Em Coming!

Hi Everyone! Kayla here. Harlem Run Captain & the Mother of this little blog right here. I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading the Sunday blog posts here on HarlemRun.com. We have officially been up and running for 8 months and have published 35 blog posts with stories about anything and everything running related: the Brooklyn Half, how to run in the cold, weight loss stories, and how the community of Harlem has built this movement that we call Harlem Run. 

When the captains and I decided that we were going to have a weekly blog, I was hesitant, but hopeful. Would people read what we were writing? Would it catch on? Would people want to share their stories on our website? Any writer or blogger can relate to the mixed feelings that come with starting something like this. You feel extremely excited to share your material with the world, but also wonder if it will stand out. Over the past 8 months, I've learned something that is not unique to just this blog, but also Harlem Run in general: If you are genuine and open with your thoughts, feelings, and passions, people will always be interested in what you have to say. 

Working on this blog week in and week out has been a moving experience for me, and I hope that it has been helpful for all of you who have been reading it. We are all runners and athletes, so in that regard, we are similar. But the life experiences and back stories that we all have - the stories that led us to become a runner, the stories that we've accumulated over the years of running, and the goals that we have for our futures - are all very unique. And we love hearing them.

That being said, I want to encourage anyone who is reading this and wants to share their story - whatever your story is, reach out to us! We are always on the lookout for stories to add to our blog. If you have an idea, want to write a piece for us, or know someone who you'd like us to reach out to, shoot us an email at werunharlem@gmail.com. 

Thank you everyone for 8 months and 35 posts. Here's to many more!!



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