HOW TO!: Use Map My Fitness

By now, you have probably heard about Under Armour's You Vs. the Year Challenge in which participants can push themselves to run 1000KM in the year 2016. By pledging to achieve this incredible goal, you will be eligible to win sick UA gear and bragging rights, of course. To learn more about this challenge and how you can make 2016 your most active year yet, click here.

Before you go out and run your 1000KM, though, scroll down to read a How To Guide on using Map My Fitness. The You Vs. the Year challenge is linked through the app, so you'll want to know the basics before getting started.

Step One: Download any of the following apps: Map My Fitness, Map My Run, Map My Walk, or UA Record. Open the app.

Step Two: Select "Record a Workout" on the left-hand side.

Step Three: Adjust the following options to your liking. On the "Activity" option, select what type of activity you are doing. For example, running, walking, yoga, track running, treadmill running, etc.

Step Four: Click "Start Workout" and begin!!

Now, to join a challenge, here's what you're going to do.

Step One: Click on "Challenges" on the bottom left on the main screen of the app.


Step Two: Under the "Featured" Section, you will see Challenges that are started by Under Armour. You should see You Vs. the Year right at the top. In this photo, it's not listed because we're already a member! ;) Click on the challenge, accept it, and enter your email address to get updates.

Step Three: Congrats! You've officially accepted the challenge. Game on! All you need to do is click on "My Challenges" to get access to it.

If you've made it this far, we hope that you are now officially a part of the You Vs. the Year Challenge! Good luck to everyone. Any questions? Drop them in the comments section below. Happy running!

Amir Figueroa2 Comments