When Crews Collide

The NYC running community would be nothing without its various run crews. Each crew is unique and means different things to different runners. We love when people from different crews come to visit Harlem Run and spread the #crewlove. This week we asked Adrian from Bridgerunners to write about what Harlem Run has brought into his life. Here's what he had to say:

I found out about @harlemrun a few months ago thorough my running crew, @bridgerunners. Runners at BR would always invite me to Harlem Run on Monday nights, but due to my work schedule, I have different shifts on Mondays. Our good friend “Boe Bravo” was here this past summer and he recently had to go back to Florida. He told me “Yo Adrian, you got to come to a @harlemrun before I bounce back to Florida!” ... So I showed up to a themed “all black” run in all white and they didn’t even care ... They was glad I showed up in all white and showed nothing but love! Ever since that day I’ve been hooked!


So every Monday when I had the chance to go I would just show up! But what I find to be so amazing is that you have to introduce yourself in front of 70+ people. That breaks the ice for everyone because you out there for a work out and also making new friends! There are all different paces for everyone. They even have a walking crew! Not everyone is a runner but those are the baby steps to an active lifestyle!

The routes are crazy fresh. One week you in Yankee Stadium, the next week you in the "Crack is Wack" wall and that's what I really enjoy about it, always keeping it fresh. I run to explore and see new places and faces and Harlem is a world of its' own. Harlem even smells different from other places in NYC. When we running around mobbing the streets people always ask where do we meet up at?! And how can they join?! But that's what makes this crew so amazing. It's all really about learning more about the community and respecting it.

As for the #HarlemWorldTakeover... man, when I knew about it I knew it was going to be epic! Everyone was invited... just show up! People that never ran with Harlem Run now showed up! You have crews that been running for years still trying to figure out how they got 200+ runners on a Thursday evening. It's simple. When you love and go all out for your community special things are always going to happen. Shoutout to everyone in @harlemrun and @springmoves that put that together! YA SET THE BAR HIGH!

In conclusion, I could write you a book on all the Monday night adventures we've had. From the girl walking down the street that we sang Happy Birthday to, to the lady in a wheelchair who posed in a photo with us! The football drills, the push-up squad, and the 100 squats... it's all fun. But you really have to be there to witness that crazy dope @harlemrun movement!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your blog and runs! Nothing but love for the WHOLE @harlemrun team!!!!

-Adrian, ae9941

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