Harlem Run Spotlight: BOE

Every person who shows up to Harlem Run comes with their own unique energy, personality, and story. One of the best things about running with the crew is showing up on a Monday or Thursday and meeting someone who, if not for your mutual love of running, you may have never crossed paths with. The interactions that happen at Harlem Run are genuine and organic... just like each and every member of the crew.

To try to capture some of that authenticity, the Harlem Run Blog will be starting a "spotlight" feature, in which we will highlight one member and share a piece of their journey as a runner and ultimately what led them to Harlem Run. Everyone has a story to tell, and we hope you will enjoy reading a little bit of what our FAMILY is all about.

This month's spotlight is on Boe, who comes to us from Florida. He heard about Harlem Run through social media, came out for a run on a Monday, and immediately felt at home. For those of you who have gotten a chance to meet Boe in the past month or have been able to run with him, you know that his passion is contagious.

Similar to his time in New York City, what Boe wrote about his experience at Harlem Run is short and sweet, but we can still feel the love that pours out of every word. Here's what he had to say about the crew.

I'm living a dream. I knew coming to New York this summer was going to be special, but I didn't know how special until tonight. Dreams do come true. I came to New York for family, business, and fitness and I have accomplished all 3. During my time in New York, I found "Harlem Run", the group that I now call family. I'm lovin' the crew. The love they show me and each other can't be written, only felt. I'm truly blessed to have met Harlem Run. Harlem Run is greatness. They say, "Hell Up In Harlem." I say, "Heaven In Harlem." Harlem is beautiful with beautiful people and beautiful places. Harlem needs Harlem Run to uplift, inspire, and motivate the community and the generation that's coming up. I believe with one run at a time Harlem Run will make a difference. I love you guys and I will see you again, that's a promise.


Amir Figueroa2 Comments