Accountability In Fitness

I once learned on my college journey that “excuses are tools for the incompetent which build monuments of nothingness and lead bridges to nowhere...those who specialize in them seldom excel in anything else.” It’s a reminder to not live life with excuses, but focus on getting stuff done. There is no room for excuses.

When it comes to fitness, for me, there are no excuses, which can range from the following: “there’s not enough time in the day”, “I have no free time”, “it’s so expensive to join a gym” etc etc etc. To insure there are no excuses I am guided by the spirit of accountability. When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I am my best accountability buddy, but also have others who hold me accountable and vice versa. Does that mean I am perfect? No. Not at all. If I miss something I take responsibility for my actions and make a concerted effort to put in more work.

I’ve learned that I have often been the roadblock that stands in the way of me and all of my goals. No person, entity, or group can stop me from that which I seek to accomplish. With that said, I work out a minimum of five times per week, and I feel great. My energy levels are off the charts and I am right now ready to run a marathon, even though I am not scheduled for one at this point in time. In the words of Muhammad Ali, “Impossible is nothing.” Any time I hear that word come out of someone’s mouth, I actually make an effort to step in and show them how it can be done. I am allergic to impossible, and the cure for me is possibility.

 All you have to do is show up. If you don’t know anyone in the group, that’s okay. Just show up. If you do know someone, even better. Just show up. If you need support, bring a friend with you and hold each other accountable in showing up. If one person backs out, no problem. Just show up.


I am curious to know your thoughts right now. Are you thinking, “How in the world do you do all that?” “Where do you get the energy from?” “Aren’t you tired?” Anything else you’re thinking at the moment? Feel free to comment below. LOL! Seriously.

The plain and simple take away here is that I make time for fitness, because I value it. That which we value most (e.g. family, money, travel, etc) we will make time for. There are 24-hours in a day, and most people don’t take the time to use it to their advantage. That ends today for you.

-Amir Muhammad Figueroa


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