Running Sexy

Hi there, it’s your sexy-pacer here! Some people might be tired of listening to me brag about how wonderful my pace group is, but in case you haven’t heard about us yet, let me tell you...


Over the past year, Harlem Run has become a ginormous part of my life.  The reason it has touched me so deeply is because there is something pretty special that happens when you run with others on a regular basis. 

Every Monday night, I get to run, dance, laugh, and talk with my sexy pacers and we get to build and reinforce that special bond. A lot of us enjoy running alone but when you enjoy something so much, you want to share that with people who mean the most to you. And that is just what we do. 

I remember the first time I paced a group at Harlem Run. I felt an over-whelming sense of nervousness and excitement. Pacing a group is definitely a challenge, but it is also so rewarding and has made a huge impact on my life and my role as a Harlem Run Captain. It is always important to me that people feel welcomed and empowered during our Monday Night Runs. 


Many people in our pace group are often just starting their fitness journey or are used to running 11+ minute miles, which I can relate to. I started running right before I turned 30, almost 2 years ago and never really went faster than 11:30 minutes per mile. I knew nothing about running except to put my sneakers on and go. Now, I've learned so much from just being around this community that I can confidently answer questions about the ins and outs of the sport. I love that I am able to do that! I know how easy it is to feel like you can’t do something when you're new or maybe you're just not a speedster, like me! But having the confidence to try and learn as you go along is something that the sexy pace group has taught me.

Our group also allows me to see a lot of runners do things for the first time. Many people who start in the Walk it Out group make their way into Sexy Pace when they feel ready to run. Whether you are giving sexy pace a try after walkin' it out, conquering Harlem Hill for the first time, running your first mile without walking, or running your first official race, know that what you are doing is super impressive and I am inspired by everything you do. I was you at one point. Every Monday I see every one of you moving closer and closer to the front of the pack. Every Monday Night Run is a stepping stone in your journey... The journey we take together. I am grateful I can be a part of that... so Thank You.

- Raydime

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