The One and Only... Dad.

For a few years now I have seen many people of all ages running and walking. I told myself that’s definitely not for me. To be honest, I initially thought that many people I came across power-walking looked really silly to me and that’s putting it mildly. However, in September of this year, my company started a Fitbit Challenge. I asked my son-in-law, Ned, who is a regular at Harlem Run, if I could come to Harlem and walk/run with his group, Harlem Run. That was 7 weeks ago and I haven’t looked back since.

When I was formerly introduced to the group, I was affectionately known by the name “Dad”, which was given to me by Alison Desir, Harlem Run's President. Everyone welcomed me wholeheartedly. When you go out running with Harlem Run, it feels like a family unit. There’s a uniqueness that’s hard to explain, but I attribute it to Alison. Her unique leadership style and her dynamic personality draws you in from the start. Alison is a respected young lady and, leads by example. On a personal note, she inspired me, and has truly left an indelible mark on me. She ran the NYC marathon this year and I was so extremely proud of her and ALL the other runners of Harlem Run and their accomplishments.

This year I was part of the group that cheered on the Marathon runners as they passed Mile 21. It was an awesome experience to see such a diverse group of people running. My hats off to all participants.

Walking/running with Harlem Run has made drastic health changes in my life. As a diabetic, I took my pills, but something else was lacking. Recently, I found the missing piece. Since I have started with Harlem Run my daily numbers have dropped significantly. I was pleasantly surprised. For me the health benefits of walking/running are endless; you can only win.

I have started to recruit people to Harlem Run whenever I get the opportunity to do so. I am always inviting them to come down on Mondays to run with the Harlem Run group and see for themselves.  The camaraderie is next to none.

-Paul... But known by Harlem Run as none other than... Dad.

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