A Note From Our Founder: Happy Birthday, Harlem Run!

A condensed history of Harlem Run:

On November 25, 2013, I launched Harlem Run - then under the name of Powdered Feet Run Club.   No one attended run club that night or for many nights after that.  

Discouraged, I continued to show up (even when I didn't want to) thanks to my mom's insistence that I remain disciplined.  Throughout the winter, a few people showed up here and there (shouts to our OG, Christa!) but attendance was never consistent.  By April, 2014, we were a small but proud group.

We were doing what we loved, so we didn't really mind that there were so few of us.  In July 2014, I had the good fortune to sit down with Mary Arnold - ultramarathoner and all around running genius and now National Marketing Manager at Jack Rabbit (go Mary!) - and talk about Powdered Feet Run Club.  I remember her telling me, "I love the name.  But it's not going to work".  She offered me a domain that she had bought, harlemrun.com, and I guess the rest is really history. 

Today, Harlem Run is a transformative community of trendsetters, fitness experts, and community organizers that have created an authentic experience around a healthy lifestyle.

To say that I am overwhelmed with joy, is an understatement.  

So, let's celebrate what we've helped create! 

SAVE THE DATE: Monday, November 30th at 7pm, join us for a special run that will take you through our brief (and exciting!) history and end with a celebration as we prepare for year 3.  Thank you for showing up and making Harlem Run the family that it is.


Alison aka Powdered Feet


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