TCS NYC Marathon 2015: What is the Sum of All Your Training?


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I decided to run the TCS NYC Marathon to prove to myself that I was capable of doing something that scared me. At the time, I was dealing with depression, a long-distance relationship, and an unfulfilling job, and the routine and rigor of marathon training pulled me out of a rut. Since then, I moved to Harlem, started grad school, raised over $2k to support Team for Kids, and discovered Harlem Run, the most dynamic, loving, and inspiring crew ever. I'm looking forward to the finish line and the crowds of spectators, but I'm most excited to see my HR family (and my mom, who's coming from Atlanta for the marathon) on our streets up at Mile 21!


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I am running the NYC Marathon because after running Paris earlier this year, I learned that anything is possible. The NYC Marathon is special to me because as a "Born and Raised" NYC resident, I believe it is an honor and privilege to run through the biggest moving block party NYC has to offer. I have witnessed inspiration, awakened the beast within, and have been moved by others' amazing stories of triumph, failure, and transformation, I just want to part of that movement. 


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Since I started training for the NYC Marathon, I have learned that my body and mind are capable of so much more than I ever imagined possible. I am running this race as a reminder to myself - and anyone who has ever doubted whether or not they could do something extraordinary - that absolutely anything is possible when you set your mind to it. I am beyond excited to feel the energy of the Mile 21 Cheer Station where I'll get to see my best friends and parents, who have supported my training every step of the way. I am also SUPER excited to be able to call myself a Marathon Runner once and for all!


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This year has been the absolute best in my life because I found my tribe: Harlem Run.  I’m running in support of the work of Harlem United, to represent my crew, and to hopefully inspire some people along the way.  I have experienced a tremendous amount of pain and sadness in my life due to depression and mental health issues but I've always been able to find meaning on the run.  I'm most excited to see you out there cheering for me and 50,000 of my friends as we do the impossible.


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Running the NYC marathon for the second year in a row is a feat I never thought I'd be physically or psychologically capable of accomplishing. Stepping outside and running a couple of blocks was something my mind would often tell me to do, but my heart couldn't push me to take that first step. A life changing experience prompted me to take that first step. Followed by several dozen more steps. Followed by thousands more over the past few years. And after running more than a dozen half marathons, and meeting dozens of inspiring and dedicated runners over the past year, I am thrilled to run New York once more and get a much needed boost from friends & family once I hit the streets of Harlem.


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I am running the NYC Marathon because it is a challenge that I never thought I could face. I'm going to be running for Zara's Center Team, a charity program that asked me to support them. Lastly, I'm running to build more confidence in a time that I have been going thru a lot...


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This will be my third NYC marathon. What would you do if you had a second chance to live? I would do it all over again.


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I am running because I was inspired and encouraged because of my Harlem Run experience. I'm running for the feeling of the fulfillment of completing the race.  And lastly, I am running because my medal is going to be my daughter's birthday gift in November for her birthday. 


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I signed up for this race because I was inspired by two of my childhood friends’ drive to push themselves to the limit. They made me believe that I can be better than who I was and this weekend, I am going to prove them right. This one is for them, my family, and my new family - Harlem Run. All of whom I hold very close to my heart. On Sunday, I hope I will inspire people through 26.2 miles because the people at Mile 21 inspired me.

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